Revenue Simplified



Key Staff:

Cindy Stauty, President

After 25 years of experience with all aspects of the medical revenue cycle, I bring a specific level of expertise to improving the financial systems revenue cycle of our clients, resulting in faster, more accurate claims submissions and increased reimbursement.

I’ve held many positions throughout my career: Registration clerk, receptionist, scheduler, verification/authorization clerk, collector, biller, (and promoted to supervisor of each of those departments), Revenue Cycle Director, and Health Information Management Director. I’ve worked in hospitals with as few as 10 beds, and as many as 350.

No matter the size, financial health is a key component to the success of a medical facility or private practice. The ever-changing world of medical billing and reimbursement has taught me a few things:

How many of us have meeting after meeting to talk about the cash-hindering issues? David Jakes said:

Endless conversation about change is the barrier. Actually committing to doing something and then acting is what is required.

We have the time to help you with the implementation of these needed changes.

Laurie Farish, Manager of Chargemaster Services

My experience spans 15 years of developing and standardizing hospital Chargemasters in both large multi-facility healthcare systems and rural community hospitals. The Chargemaster is key and is the first step in ensuring that your facility is capturing and billing charges that are compliant with the rules and regulations of CMS. I work closely with Facility Department heads to review their services and ensure the CPT/HCPCS codes, Revenue Codes, and billing prices are appropriate. My customer-oriented approach is especially beneficial in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The personal touch and care that I give assists in maintaining Chargemaster accuracy through quarterly reviews and updates. I also work closely with Billing and Coding staff on claim edits and denials to ensure compliant billing. I partner with the finance staff to provide pricing analyses to help facilities remain competitive within the marketplace.  Analyzing the pricing structure of an organization is imperative, as patients now have the tools to shop for the best price. Taking these extra steps to build a strong foundation with my clients means they have the information and tools needed to maximize reimbursement.

Valarie Lee, Texarkana Office Manager

I’ve worked with our President, Cindy Stauty, for the past 19 years. She has always ensured we received the training required to be successful in our positions. At the age of 17, I began as a PBX Operator in our local hospital. I was soon trained to assist with Admissions in the ER, and also to assist billers with aging reports and follow up. I also reviewed Medicare deductibles. After graduating high school, I was employed by a billing center where I was able to resolve aged accounts, reducing A/R days, and increasing cash. I was also trained in DME. I was given the responsibility of billing all payer sources including Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and Workers’ Comp insurance for locations in Texas and Louisiana. My career experience includes cash posting and auditing accounts for a psychiatric hospital. I was responsible for coding accuracy within accounts, rejection reports after claim submission, posting and balancing of all cash packets from cash posters, denial management, and auditing of all accounts receivables/payers. Soon I was given the opportunity to become the office manager for an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. I assisted in admissions/scheduling and billing, and was responsible for all payables and receivables. I also handled human resources issues. I worked on licensing and credentialing, and I assisted in negotiations for fee schedules. I was able to maximize the physicians’ time to increase revenue, and increased collections by $750,000 in the first year of my employment.

I went on to work for 15 Urgent Care facilities in five states where I handled commercial billing, claim submissions and rejections, insurance payment posting and balancing, and daily correspondence.

Danielle Loe, Supervisor Medicare Specialist

I have worked with Ms. Stauty since 2008 in three different hospitals. As a result, I am well acquainted with the standards of our organization and I work hard to reach those goals. I have worked in the medical field for the past 10 years in roles that include customer service representative, collections specialist, registration clerk, medical records clerk, and medical biller. I specialize in Medicare and Medicare HMO billing and follow up. I have an Associate’s Degree in Medical Billing and Coding and am a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist. I enjoy resolving claims and the fiscal benefits that follow.

Amanda Bradley, Supervisor Medicaid Specialist

I have 14 years of experience working in the medical field. Throughout that time I have worked in physician coding and billing for a family practice, RHC, and OBGYN. I’ve also performed hospital billing, including medical/surgical and behavioral health. I am a specialist in Missouri, Texas, and Louisiana Medicaid.

I was working at a local hospital when Ms. Stauty was hired as our Business Office Director. One of the issues she immediately addressed was organizing us in a way that streamlined our workflow. She also met with us weekly, giving us goals and expectations, and kept us informed of where we were in that process.

Cynthia Prosser, Supervisor Insurance Specialist

My career in the Medical field began when Ms. Stauty hired me based on my desire to learn, not based on previous experience. She started me in admissions and then moved me on to registration, day surgery, outpatient testing, and the verification of benefits. My areas of expertise are in preregistration and collections. I excel at coordinating benefits with doctors, insurance companies, and patients. I have over 10 years combined experience in the accounting and medical fields. Ms. Stauty ensured that I was trained for the positions she gave me, followed up with me when I faced challenges and congratulating me when I did well.

Angela Teel, Supervisor Insurance Specialist

Nine years ago, Ms. Stauty hired me as a patient representative for a psychiatric hospital. In this position, I posted cash packets from the corporate office on a daily basis. Cash packets consisted of patient payments, along with RAs of all financial classes. I verified delinquent accounts, payment history, and managed write-off status. I was responsible for reviewing accounts to determine the correct posting and balance payments against account billing changes. I verified that accounts were paid according to the payers’ fee schedules to ensure proper reimbursement. I also contacted insurance companies in reference to underpayments for correct payment processing. I followed up on claims that were not paid in a timely fashion.