Revenue Simplified

Extended Business Office Services (EBO)

Extended Business Office Services (EBO)

Extended Business OfficeOur experience shows that hospitals lose 3-5% of yearly net revenue due to inefficient processes and procedures within the revenue cycle.

Revenue Simplified’s EBO financial management methodology provides a full complement of strategies and initiatives that overlay current hospital procedures to provide optimal financial performance.

The EBO process facilitates data capture during the first encounter with a patient at the time of scheduling. This critical exchange of information begins the data retention process and is followed closely by face-to-face registration. At registration, a treatment plan, charges, and supplies are reviewed; co-pays are collected; and a payment plan is established to include bank draft paperwork.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) practices follow as services begin –with properly-assigned codes for all treatments and supplies – thereby lessening the chance that claims will be rejected.

Claims and charges are now easily and accurately forwarded to Medicare, insurance carriers, and the patient. The revenue cycle closes when the patient’s account is paid in full. If Denial Management is required, the EBO team will exhaust every payer source until final resolution is achieved.