Revenue Simplified



Our Partnership Turns a Cost Center into a Revenue Generator

The Power of Expertise
By partnering with Revenue Simplified, physicians receive premium billing services – including access to Nurse Practitioners who perform in-clinic or in-home Health Risk Assessments ¬– and a corresponding increase in the risk sharing pool.

How It Works
After retaining Revenue Simplified as your billing partner, our team runs a thorough analysis of patients covered by your organization, including an EMR search to identify missing data and increase capture rates.
To increase patient participation, our affiliate, Texas Health Management, sends Nurse Practitioners to your clinic or patients’ homes to complete Assessments. These highly trained Nurse Practitioners perform 20,000 assessments a year, and have collaborative agreements with physicians, becoming an integral extension of your office. All assessment claims and forms can be reviewed prior to completion, and are submitted as part of your practice. No need to learn ICD10.
Revenue Simplified provides real time analytics via web-based dashboards to make it easy for physicians to access and customize patient data.

Benefits of Working with Revenue Simplified
Efficiencies – THM staff code to the highest degree of specificity on HCC-driven diagnosis codes. Expect a steady submission of HCC data throughout the year to avoid the time pressure of submitting all required patient data in the 4th Quarter.
HIPAA secure communication – Access to NPs for physicians and staff via our Dr. Bloom network secure chat platform.
Savings – Cost of assessments performed decreases as more PCPs participate in the billing program.